Mountjoy has long (the coming year/s), medium (termly) and short (weekly) term planning.

Below is an example of our long term planning – themes weeks that occur across the academic years.

Each class in the school has curriculum planning that is written to meet the individual needs of the pupils in that class. This planning is developed using our Informal, Semi-Formal and Formal Curriculums (for further details please see the Curriculum Page as appropriate to the ability and needs of the students within the class.

Themed Weeks – 5 per Year

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Summer 1 Summer 2
2016-2017 Food Colour Circle of Life Jungle Health & Fitness
2017-2018 Beyond our World Spies Children at Work France Health & Fitness
2018-2019 Hardy Magic War Horses (Seniors only) 2nd World War Health & Fitness
2019-2020 Survival London Justice Making Choices Health & Fitness

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