2020 Parent/Carer Comments
I would highly recommend Mountjoy School to another parent.
Mountjoy has made a huge difference in our lives…much happier child= much happier home and family life.
My child has achieved so much more here than I could have hoped for. All the staff are wonderful and have such patience. A lovely friendly environment too
My child is unable to give me feedback but he is always excited when he gets to school and happy when he comes home. When my child was hurt by another child the incident was handled well and I was happy with the feedback and the actions taken.
Amazing school can’t thank them enough for what they have done for my son

2019 Parent/Carer Comments
My son loves all he does
They get my child
My child’s needs are met and understood by experienced, confident staff
My son is safe, healthy and happy – I never thought this could be
Especially loves out and about
My child has improved greatly since going into a adapted curriculum
The school does so much for it pupils in and out of school
Wants the best for the pupils
The want the pupils to be the best they can be
They all want the pupils to be the best they can be and reach their full potential
My child is appropriately challenged
I see him progress and grow in confidence
You have made him more independent – and hope to get a job
He is happy and will be happy as he grows up
I want my child to learn skills to live happily and comfortably
Lots of feedback, advice and help that go above and beyond

2019 Parent/Carer Comments
My child is in great form at the moment. Very responsive. Happy boy. Obviously loves school. Thank you all.
My son told us about yesterday’s work and said “I enjoyed doing that”. It was so good to hear him express an opinion without being asked! (A small thing, but I noticed the difference).
Thanks for the invite to Great Arts. Amazing the great work they have done.
My child seems to be very happy at school.
School are always there to talk about the future and help in any way they can
Comment after a child’s first day at Mountjoy.
Sounds like he had a fab day he came home and gave me massive cuddles, bless him, thank you :)

Mountjoy Bell Ringers December 2018
Thank you so much for bringing your handbell ringers to our Christmas Fair on Friday.  It was really lovely to hear the beautiful sounds your bells make.
We all hope you enjoyed ringing them as much as we enjoyed listening! See you again next year?

Bring a Bear Day November 2018
Great Afternoon, very fun for the children and very interactive,Fantastic and fun activities. Good to see what happens in class, fantastic afternoon and wonderful ‘Bucket Time’ Great Fun.
Wonderful afternoon, it was wonderful to see how comfortable our son was as part of a group and for giving us ideas for things we can do at home
Wow I am so impressed with all the staff and how they interact with the children – very happy smiley children
Always excited to come. Thank you.
Lovely afternoon, the teachers have so much patience and are so engaging with the children.
It was so nice to see my child in his classroom where he spends so much time. Thank you

Grandmother – October 2018
The Mountjoy children get to do so much. Well done one and all!

Visitor – October 2018
Wonderful to see the youngsters enjoying all activities

New Parent – Family Liaison Visit September 2018
It was so lovely to meet you. You helped us so much

New Parent – Project Linus September 2018
Thank you Mountjoy for giving my daughter one of the Project Linus blankets my lil girl loves hers (I really love it) THANK you so much, what a fantastic thing to do x

Parent – Residential at Freshwater June 2018
I would like to say thank you so much to everyone who makes holidays at freshwater happen, my son loved it

Parent – Surf Trip June 2018
Thank you so much – we are grateful for the fantastic opportunities you give our daughter

2017 Christmas Production
Absolutely amazing. Brought joy to my heart to see how much all the children enjoyed it.
It was so good I loved it
This was the best school Christmas play that I have ever been to. Thank you so much for the experience
I just watched the Xmas play, Babooska the musical & it was awesome! You do amazing stuff – clearly all rock stars of highest degree! Thanks for all you do and Happy Christmas
What a fantastic play well done everyone

LA  Advisor – October 2016
Thank you for your time and the tour.  I feel inspired and energised.

Prospective Parent – September 2016
This is the happiest school I have ever seen.

Student on work placement – February 2016
The Teacher listened and helped me when I needed it and enabled me to take on increased responsibility. This placement gave me the opportunities to develop team working skills, I was well supported and included in the work of the team. As a student I felt I was a valued member of the team.

Student on work placement – June 2015
You are a really lovely, fun school, which shows amongst your staff and pupils. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to be part of this for a week.

Parent – 13 May 2015
We are incredibly grateful for the ethos of the school, expressed in the atmosphere, culture and personnel of Mountjoy. It has been a joy seeing our daughter flourish during 2015 and the input she receives here contributes enormously to our growth as a family and our enjoyment of life. Keep up the brilliant work.

Grandparent – 11 March 2015
This is a truly stupendous school, with dedicated staff, bringing out the best in all the students. What a happy environment.

Riding for the Disabled – 3 March 2015
It is such a lovely way to start a day with your very generous cheque. Thank you very much from us all. I always find it amazing that so many people are prepared to give up their time to help but we basically so enjoy seeing the pleasure that riding gives your children and the progress that they make.







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